Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Bike

So, the regular form of group communication at the bike shop is email. We use it for talking about pretty much everything, including whether or not we should open the shop when theres 3-5 inches of snow on the ground. (Granted, thats not a lot of snow, but, this is Wilmington...'nough said) 

Well, long story short, Brian makes a bunch of his usual questionable decisions on Friday night, which overlapped into Saturday morning. In his cloudy state he took it upon himself to mountain bike to work, through the UNCW trails and arrived at our backdoor at 9:50am all stoked at his super hardcore effort, and snow covered bike. Little did he know the rest of us (who checked our email like good little bike shop employees) slept in and went for our own snow ride starting at 11am! (Shop opens at 10) We did eventually work, opening the shop at about 12:30. (Brian rolled in at around 3...lets just say he needed a nap.)

For his efforts, here is Brian, extremely proud of his snow bike!



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