Tuesday, December 1, 2009

great beers for bikers

for all of the dudes and dudettes, after a long ride this is the beer that i would recommend. for other great tasting beers check out this link http://bicycling.com/bke/slide/home/1,8155,s1-1-101-0,00.html
  ----enjoy covi

Hopworks Bike Beer NW IPA

The official beer of Oregon Bike Manifest, a celebration of cycling art and culture, and brewed at Portland's Hopworks Urban Brewery, making few beers more appropriate for 'cross season. The Bike Beer uses locally sourced organic hops and barley to create a beer that not only highlights the aggressively hoppy style of the Pacific Northwest, but also showcases just how damn good organic beer has become. The caramel-flavored malts provide a malty background, but the hops are the star. They jump out of the glass with a floral and grapefruit aroma, and then coat your mouth with sticky pine, peppercorns, and a citrus fruit punch of bitter flavors.
Tasters say: "Drinkable with a good, bitter kick

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