Monday, November 23, 2009

Rickshaw guy - Sean Robinson @ our shop!

Today at the shop we opened the front door to find a man and his dog hanging out on the front porch with a HUGE pile of stuff. Turns out he is Sean Robinson from New York City, and his dog is Cooper. The two of them are riding a rickshaw around the perimeter of the continental US, just for fun!

They were at the shop because we received a new bike for him, which came fully assembled in a massive crate on a freight truck. Apparently his old bike was a 700lbs 3 speed...he literally pushed it up hills, as you can imagine! The new bike is a mountain bike style 21 speed, with a much more efficient geometry, and "only" 350lbs. Sean was stoked on it! And Cooper had a comfy new set up in the back. (He also got a new squeaky toy, gift from TWD!)

Sean's plan is to escape the fast life of being a chef in NYC and pedal until hes ready to go home. From Wilmington he is heading to Charleston, Atlanta and then spending Christmas in New Orleans.

You can follow him and Cooper on their journey at

- Kim


  1. Great blog,like the rickshaw guy and Cooper story, really interesting. Will be looking forward to more!
    Web & Holly

  2. Kim
    That's a great story and I love your new blog.
    What restaurant did Sean work at? I think Cooper is beautiful.

  3. Cooper is lucky. I want to be pulled in a rickshaw all across the country with a sqeaky toy!!

  4. Kim,
    Thanks so much for the write up. You and the staff at TWD are a amazing bunch of people just what we needed. A couple of the places I worked at in NYC was; Morimoto, Gramercy Park Hotel, Nobu 57, and Pinch & S'mac. I'll keep you posted on our adventure.
    Thanks Again
    Sean and Coop

  5. Just saw him yesterday afternoon! I was leaving work and saw his bike on the road so I pulled over and asked what he was doing! Little did I know who it was! Wow, what a great guy. Anyway, I checked in with him that night and asked if he needed anything and he declined so I decided I had to do something for this guy so I left him some supplies and dog food! He camped out right outside of Hammond, La and was on his way to Baton Rouge via Hwy 190. He is expected arrive there tomorrow afternoon (3/6/2010).

    Shane Mutter